Memorial Day Weekend = Beginning of boating season on Cape Cod

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

As we kick off another boating season be sure that you and your vessel are prepared for the adventures you plan to embark on. You may want to start thinking about hiring a captain to ensure that this summer is a safe one out on the ocean. A captain will provide many benefits to you as a boat or yacht owner. You will be able to engage with your guests and participate in all the fun activities that your vessel has to offer. Are you tired of being the designated driver out on the water? Or are you just exhausted from having to worry about docking and telling your guests to make fast lines? Yacht Captain Solutions offer a unique service for all of your captain needs. Each trip is tailored to each client.

Yacht Captain Solutions "Yachting Done Right"

Cruises: Sunset Cruise, Lunch Cruise, Cocktail Cruise

Adventures: Whale Watching Adventure, Seal Adventure, Shark Expedition

Captain Solutions: Private Captain, Deliveries, Sea Trials, Orientations

Each Service is listed on our website

Providing prudent captains at an affordable rate

Your Boat, Our Captain!

Let one of our skilled captains take the helm while you enjoy your guests and yacht to the fullest!

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